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GDL has access to different freight modes. We’ll help you optimize transportation to drive value for your business.

EXPERIENCE Multi-modal transportation combined with our expertise and carrier network guarantee on-time deliveries and true cost-savings. We recommend multi-modal service when it’s difficult to find the capacity to your destination or when a certain route or mode is too costly. With our experience, we will find a customized solution to move your freight. Multi-modal transport provides reliable capacity so your business can keep running smoothly. Whether you ship by air, barge, rail, road or inter-modal, GDL will help you discover which mode and route are most cost-effective.

Choosing the best transportation mode is a crucial step in shrinking time and cost of moving freight between a shipper and a point of purchase. There are pros and cons to each mode of transportation, depending on the type of freight being moved, and there is an optimal route for every shipment. Click here to learn more about multi-modal processes.

INTERMODAL Inter-modal freight transportation provides you with flexible options as you move goods from the source to the customer. Intermodal freight transportation is being integrated more frequently into shipper’s supply chain strategy. Intermodal allows the optimization of trade-offs among the components of supply chains and the service and cost aspects of the means of transportation. Using intermodal transport, especially a combination of truck and rail, provides significant cost savings due to less handling and lower fuel consumption. Shipping containers used in intermodal transportation fit in any mode and eliminate the need for individual handling, which lowers costs and improves efficiency.


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